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Building Science Principles® Class

Building Performance Institute (BPI) recently introduced a Building Science Certificate program to utilize for people that wish to learn more, but donít need to be Energy Auditors. This material can be presented in the classroom in as little as 16 hours. This training includes BPIís 200 page Building Science Principles book ($119.00 value), and can be augmented with on-line learning, if desired. The class concludes with a 2 hour on-line exam ($99.00 value) If the student is successful, BPI will award the participant with a Building Science Principles® Certificate of Knowledge.

This is a great way to introduce Building Science and Energy Efficiency to people interested in these fields, and to introduce the allied trades of HVAC, carpentry, electric, plumbing, and support staff, with the principles and demands of getting a home built or retrofitted with an eye on energy efficiency and sustainability.

This course could also benefit home inspectors, appraisers, real estate agents, federal, state and local government officials, and supervisory or support personnel in existing weatherization programs.

Topics covered include:

This is a simpler version of the BPI Building Analyst course, and lays a foundation of understanding for the building trades, Vo-tech student, community college or trade school, or adult student at any level. No field experience is required for this program, and no field test is required. This is not an equivalent to BPI certification.

Classes can be organized with as few as 5 participants, and as many as a 25-30. Pricing will depend on the number of students, ranging from $575.00 per student for small classes, down to as little as $450.00 per student for larger classes.

The class will be taught live by Rhett Major, The Energy Doctor, a local expert with over 28 years of experience in Building Science, Energy Efficiency, and the building trades. He holds Certifications from BPI, RESNET, USGBC, and The InfraRed Training Institute. He has been training extensively since 2009, and brings real world experience to the subjects he teaches.